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About Us

Welcome to Garden Amaze!

Garden Amaze is born with a  creation  and  promoting ideas of gifting of plants and plant bouquets.. Now we provide  India’s best quality pots and planters at an affordable price,  including fibre planters, plastic pots, hanging planters, planters with wheels etc.  Our manufacturer  ensures production of world class pots. Every planter and pot manufactured here comes with a promise of a long life and happy environment for your plants to flourish.

Our founder Sony Shetty believes that  plants can be a positive influence on your mood. The green foliage and  flowers can be a great reason for your happiness. And uplift the aura around you. Plants are the best element that adds a natural eco-friendly touch to your home’s interior design, Having indoor plants can completely change the atmosphere and additionally, purifying more oxygen in the surrounding where it is kept.
 Garden Amaze  Ensures You Grow, The House of Green Creations.